Morton’s neuroma

Numb feet? Does your foot burn, or do your toes feel electric shocks or tingling? It could well be Morton’s neuroma. At Médecine podiatrique du Plateau, we have treatments that work for you!

Morton’s neuroma is a thickening of the nerve. It is located between the3rd and4th toes. Compression in narrow shoes such as high heels, ski boots or clip-on cycling shoes may trigger a neuroma. This nerve mass between the toes will cause numbness, burning or electric shocks to your toes.

Faulty biomechanics can also be the cause. Some people suffer from hyperlaxity or hypermobility in their feet. This accentuates the frictional movement of the nerve against the bones of the foot, and can cause the nerve to thicken as a result of irritation.

Diagnostic imaging such as a foot ultrasound enables our podiatrists to visualize the neuroma clearly. An X-ray is used to rule out other causes of pain in the area, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis in a nearby joint. Afterwards, our podiatrists can suggest various treatments, such as cortisone injections or foot orthotics. They’ll also help you choose the right shoes.

Pro tip: opting for wider shoes with rigid soles reduces nerve compression.