Plantar warts

Does your child go to the swimming pool and come back with bumps under their feet? Don't delay. He could have contracted contagious plantar warts.

What is a plantar wart?

A plantar wart is a papilloma virus. We can sometimes see small black dots and a crust of hard skin or horniness at the site of the lesion. It is important to recognize them and eliminate them as quickly as possible before they grow and spread.

How to remove or treat plantar warts at home?

Grandmother's remedies such as essential oils and duct tape to remove the root of the wart very rarely work.

Several products are available in pharmacies. There are Salicylic Acid dressings (compund W) or cryotherapy treatments which burn the wart using liquid nitrogen.

Why doesn't my wart go away and hurts?

It is important to make the correct diagnosis and not to confuse your wart with other skin problems such as fungus, blisters, corns or calluses. This could explain the failure of basic treatments and the pain.

Who should I consult or see to treat and remove my wart?

The podiatrist will be able to offer you more effective treatments to treat and quickly remove your plantar wart which seems impossible to treat and ensure the correct diagnosis;

-Treatment with prescription salicylic acid cream

-Treatment with Cantharone Plus acid

-Bleomycin injection

-surgical and laser curettage

The podiatrist will also be able to tell you when the wart virus has died. To do this, he uses a lamp called a dermatoscope. This allows him to see the signs of presence or absence of plantar warts like a magnifying glass