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Consultation, examination and treatment for any foot or ankle problem.

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We offer a complete service, from diagnosis to management of your foot and ankle problems.

Medical imaging used to diagnose fractures, osteoarthritis, hallux valgus (bunions), heel spurs, etc.

Foot orthotics

Foot orthotics made from 2D and 3D scanners for increased accuracy.


Medical imaging used to diagnose musculoskeletal pathology of the foot and ankle (tendinitis, cyst, mass, etc.)


– cortisone to reduce inflammation and pain
– hyaluronic acid (joint lubricant) for arthrosis
– bleomycin for warts
– etc.

Laser therapy

Safe light waves for pain and inflammation relief

Biomechanical analysis with digital assistance

Real time gait analysis system with pressure mat and cameras.

Ingrown toenail treatment

– treatment under local anesthesia
– minor surgery to permanently remove ingrown toenails
– prescription of antibiotic tablets when required

Therapeutic sports taping

Our podiatrists can perform all types of foot and ankle taping.

Plantar warts

– bleomycin injection
– cantharidin, podophyllin
– salicylic acid
– etc.

Onychomycosis (nail fungus)

– laboratory analysis of nails
– debridement care
– topical medications
– oral medications

Foot care

Treatment of issues with nails, callus, corns and other skin problems with ultra-modern equipment. 


Custom-made digital orthosis used for hammer toes, interdigital corns or bunions (hallux abducto-valgus).


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Providing quality podiatric care

Our clinic offers podiatric care following the latest standards of practice and the highest standards of instrument sterilization.

Our podiatrists complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education per year. Their goal is to always provide the highest quality of foot and ankle care.

Médecine podiatrique du Plateau stands out by innovation, collaboration, excellence and a commitment to patient safety.

On-site diagnostic imaging
Management and treatment
Regular care and emergency appointments available